Elmish Tutorial

Tutorial Covers:

  • SAFE foundation

  • Basic Introduction to F#

  • Understanding of the Elm Architecture

  • Application Components

  • Integrating with CSS

  • Working with JSON

  • Routing

  • CRUD operations

  • Bonus: Introduction to Fulma

  • Bonus: Working with Elmish Bridge for Code Sharing

This book is very much inspired by the Elm Tutorial and Hello Scala. I can't thank the authors of both of these books enough for their wonderful work.


Code for the example application is available at


For this tutorial we will need set up for SAFE stack. You can follow the quick start guide( for set up.


All pages can be edited using the Edit on Github button. Both technical and non-technical (typos, grammar, language translation) pull requests are more than welcome.

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Co-Founder The Medico - Build with SAFE-Stack

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