Hello SAFE

SAFE Set up

Go to https://safe-stack.github.io/docs/quickstart/ and complete first two steps, Install pre-requisites and Install an F# code editor. Once done we will go on install SAFE - Template.

SAFE Template


We can install SAFE template using this command dotnet new -i SAFE.Template once done we can create application from template.

New SAFE App

After installing the template you can create different flavors of SAFE application. Go on and fire this command wherever you like to set up your project. dotnet new SAFE --server giraffe --layout fulma-basic. These are my personal favorite set up which we gonna use for this book.

Additionally you can checkout chapter-0 branch from https://github.com/kunjee17/hello-elmish-app.

Running the SAFE App

You can check if application is working or not using command fake run build.fsx --target run . If you are running application for the first time. It will take little time to boot up.

In next chapter we will look into SAFE. And then we will own towards Elmish.